By being the only outsourced marketing company in Europe, Seventury is different. Our priority is your company, your goals and your targets. We provide you with full service, from strategy to development and design, offering all the expertise and specialists you need. We are all about guiding your adventure to the next level!

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Website Development 

No matter how straightforward or complex your website wishes are, we can design and build it for you.

Social Media

Improving the impact of your social media channels by engaging your audience. From content to creative and analytics.

Seo & Sea

SEO and SEA specialists help to be found on search engines. Because having a beautiful website isn’t enough.

Market research

Know your customer, product and market to focus on the right improvements to outperform competition.


Recent Articles

Ad Buying - Digital Marketing
Posted by Seventury | 12 May 2020

When you are investing in online advertising there are many ad buying options. Every week new ways to purchase and structure ads are arising. We can imagine it starts to...

Posted by Seventury | 25 June 2019

Internet robots, spiders, web bots, crawlers. Bots are known by many names. But what are they exactly? Bots are little software programs that were created to perform elementary and repetitive...

Seventury, UTM codes, UTM builder, newsletter
Posted by Seventury | 16 May 2019

Every brand sends a newsletter, places a branded content article on an external site or uses an influencer for their product. The results are likely to differ, and of course...

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