fashion digital marketing en advertising
Posted by Seventury | 21 August 2020

So far I haven’t said anything about Corona, something with “work hard in silence”… We work for many different clients, but a large part of them are active in Fashion....

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user generated content amorino
Posted by Seventury | 05 August 2020

User generated content is like the holy grail of marketing. When you get customers to actively create and share content about your brand, it becomes an invaluable source of free...

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Ad Buying - Digital Marketing
Posted by Seventury | 12 May 2020

When you are investing in online advertising there are many ad buying options. Every week new ways to purchase and structure ads are arising. We can imagine it starts to...

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Posted by Seventury | 25 June 2019

Internet robots, spiders, web bots, crawlers. Bots are known by many names. But what are they exactly? Bots are little software programs that were created to perform elementary and repetitive...

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Seventury, UTM codes, UTM builder, newsletter
Posted by Seventury | 16 May 2019

Every brand sends a newsletter, places a branded content article on an external site or uses an influencer for their product. The results are likely to differ, and of course...

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service marketing, seventury, marketing research
Posted by Seventury | 04 May 2019

Marketing for Services is challenging. The rules of product marketing don’t apply and there are other factors to consider. In the service marketing industry, it is all about perception.  ...

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Posted by Seventury | 12 December 2016

We no longer need to address the importance of Social Media for businesses. Throughout the last few years’ social media channels have proven their branding value for companies. Where the...

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performance based advertising
Posted by Seventury | 12 December 2016

Performance based advertising is a form of marketing where all ads are bought per measurable action. Some examples of those actions are clicks, purchases or video views. Performance based marketing...

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Posted by Seventury | 24 September 2016

Like every child, I also was frequently asked: “what do you want to do when you grow up”. The answer to this was fairly easy to me: I wanted to...

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