Entrepreneurship during Corona times. Time to reflect..

Entrepreneurship during Corona times. Time to reflect..

Posted by Seventury | 21 August 2020 | Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
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So far I haven’t said anything about Corona, something with “work hard in silence”… We work for many different clients, but a large part of them are active in Fashion. An industry that has taken big hit hit.

According to the latest figures from Statistics Netherlands (the CBS), not only have the changes in retail figures been dramatic, but even online sales decreased by 30% in the second quarter for the fashion industry. This has been a period in which our clients were going through a hard time. A period in which we experienced webshop figures and conversion rates drop to a low point in March.

As an entrepreneur I felt their pain. So we started working on alternative campaigns, focusing on solutions. We have tested more than ever. Which images are still clicking? Are there other – out of the box – campaign texts that are bringing traffic? Can we test new ad types on Google and Social? Can we persuade B2C customers to buy from our B2B customers with giveaways and specials? The Seventury team has worked harder than ever. They’ve worked long days, and tough weekends.

Now that the summer is coming to an end, there’s finally been time to reflect. All fashion clients in our portfolio have managed to grow their webshop turnover in these difficult times. Perhaps not as fast as we had hoped for in 2019, but still with at least “double-digit growth”. And where I – as an entrepreneur and owner of Seventury Marketing & Strategy – was afraid of losing customers, we even got some new accounts this summer! This was due to the fantastic recommendations from our current clients – who we didn’t charge anything for all those extra hours, brainstorms and tests within their existing campaigns.  The Dutch Government has chosen a slogan for the current crisis, roughly translated as: “Together we must do it”.  And never have I felt this so strongly as in recent months. Proud of my team and grateful for my amazing and loyal clients.

And let’s all help our beautiful fashion brands a little by shopping the new autumn collection with a smile!


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