Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Small and medium-sized companies often don’t have a strategic plan written down. They tend to concentrate – understandably – on operational problems and putting out fires.  

However, when working without a clear strategy, you might fail in detecting and responding to new opportunities and threats. Taking a closer look at your strategy and how you will work towards achieving your goals – long term and short term – helps to regain focus. Seventury can help you if you can’t find the time or don’t know where to start. Here’s what we do: 

Business Definition & Strategy

Every company has a reason to be in business. To attract new clients, keep existing clients and motivate your employees, it is important that everyone knows what your company stands for. What business are you in? What is your mission? If people think about your company, what makes it unique? What is the image you want to convey? 

Strategic Goals of the Company

If we ask a company what their goals are, a lot of times the answers are: get as many customers as possible, or, make as much profit as possible. But how can you reach your goals if you don’t make them measurable? How can you ever know if you are on the right track of reaching your goals if you don’t have short term check points as well? When we work with companies, we also work with them on creating ambitious but realistic goals that are measurable. So that you not only know where you want to be in 5 years from now, but also know what needs to be achieved next year to be on track.

Strengths and Opportunities of the Product or Service

You have set your ambition and you know the numbers attached to it. Time to take a closer look at the strengths and opportunities of your product or service. What are the unique selling points, what do you do better than all your competitors? And what can and should be improved? Do your customers come up with the same strong points and do they have the same suggestions for improvement?  

If you have amazing product, but it doesn’t show in your brand assets – such as the website, flyers, packaging etc – then this should be your focus in the next phase. If your product however needs to be slightly altered or improved before trying to increase its’ sales, this will be the start of your operational tactics. 

Operational Marketing Tactics

Depending on the challenges your company is facing and the goals it wants to reach, the operational marketing tactics are created. We don’t deliver big reports that end up in one of the drawers of your desk. We’d rather work with your management team on a short term project plan with realistic and achievable timelines that directly make people accountable for specific items. Whether it is about implementing a new website, creating new design and packaging for your product, or altering your customer service department. This way all internal and external stakeholders work together towards the same end goal. 

Promotion & Advertising

All the elements are in place again to make your business a huge success. Now it is just a matter of getting the word out there and making sure your potential customers know you are there and you are the best in your field. Within the operational marketing tactics we normally create a separate project plan for the promotion and advertising part to ensure all the efforts you did in the previous phases will be seen, and that your business will grow and fulfill its full potential!  

Could your company use some help and do you believe your product or service is worth being seen? Then we can’t wait to start working with you! Contact us today for a cup of coffee on us. 



Your goals are our priority. We stand for quality and excellence and make sure you work with the best in the business, without spending too much.


Our way of thinking is fast and flexible. The size of our company enables us to quickly get up to speed, level and pivot along with you.


Building from scratch and making things happen only works when well thought-through and planned. We are project-minded and work with realistic accountability.


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