Media buying and advertising

Media buying and advertising

The possibilities are endlessly when you decide you want to start and advertising campaign. Maybe you don’t have enough budget or the right type of product to air a TV commercial. But what’s next? You heard that advertising on Social Media is the answer, but does that also work for your brand and product? Do you still invest in more traditional media like print and outdoor/billboards? Or do you choose Digital Media? And if you select digital media which one is the best option?


There is no standard answer to those questions. This is depending on the industry you are in, the target group you want to reach – don’t try to reach 60 year old women on SnapChat, or 16 year old girls through Fox sports – and the goals you have such as sales or awareness. Based on your specific case, we can help you reach your advertising and media goals. After learning about your campaign goal, we typically use the next 4 steps when it comes to setting up advertising campaigns:

Step 1: Identify your target group

Which people do you want to reach and where can you reach them? What is their gender, age? What interests them? What is their income? Where do they live? We will help you map your desired target group and answer the questions above if you can’t answer them yet.


Step 2: Select the right channel

You don’t have unlimited budget. And you do want your campaign to make an impact. If we know who your target group is, the next step is finding out where we can reach them. Do they still watch TV? Read magazines? Are they active on social media, and if so, on which one? Depending on your media budget, campaign goal, product and target group, we will develop the best possible media strategy which includes the channel selection for your brand.


Step 3: Media buying

You have a strategy. Time to put the strategy into action! In the third step, the campaign is set up. The advertisements are created and bought. This can vary from making and buying Facebook ads, to negotiating the best possible deal with a print magazine or working out the details for a TV program sponsorship.


Step 4: Evaluation

There will be learnings from every campaign. Some ads worked better than others. Some target groups ended up buying more than others. Performance will be tracked throughout the campaign, and an evaluation will be provided at the end of the campaign.

Not sure where or how to start? We are here to help! Contact one of our media experts and discuss the challenges your brand is facing, and the opportunities. Free of charge.



Your goals are our priority. We stand for quality and excellence and make sure you work with the best in the business, without spending too much.


Our way of thinking is fast and flexible. The size of our company enables us to quickly get up to speed, level and pivot along with you.


Building from scratch and making things happen only works when well thought-through and planned. We are project-minded and work with realistic accountability.


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