What is PR

What exactly is PR? PR stands for Public Relations. Better explained as managing the relationship with the public, through media. The aim of PR is creating a positive image for the brand and a establishing a good relationship with the consumer. PR is all about getting independent media such as magazines, tv programs and websites to write and talk about your product or brand in a positive way.


Examples of our PR activities:


  • Press releases – writing & publishing 
  • Public appearances set up  –  such as tv programs and interviews with magazines 
  • Finding and utilizing leading influencers in your brands’ industry   
  • PR / Press events 


The difference between Marketing and PR

Many times we’ve been asked about the difference between PR and Marketing. Companies want to know whether they should opt for a PR package or a Marketing/Media Campaign.  

Depending on the goals of your company, you can make a solid choice between launching a marketing campaign or taking a PR approach (or a mix of both). For example: when your goal is brand awareness – getting your brand top of mind with the customer – the best way is to go through advertisement (media campaigns). With media campaigns, you are certain to reach your target group. When your goal is to get people to buy your product, there are specific types of advertisement that can help increase conversion. PR in general doesn’t have a direct effect in increasing sales. 

However, when you want to alter or influence the way consumers perceive your brand (we call this the attitude they have towards the brand), PR is the better approach. You as a brand saying how amazing you are as a brand doesn’t make it more reliable, it doesn’t help the customer trust your brand more. Therefore advertisement in this case isn’t the best approach. PR would suit this goal much better. When independent media such as a print magazine or a blogger writes about you this is likely to have a bigger impact. By using PR in a smart way you can really influence the perception consumers have about your brand. This can be a perception in quality, trustworthiness, but also things such as how innovative, trendy or reliable you are.  

Do you need help with your PR activities? Or are you still doubting if you need PR or Advertisement? Send us a message and we’ll get in touch!



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