Social Media

Social Media

More and more companies realize the impact social media can have on their business, so it’s not surprising to see that online social media activities increase. As a company, you want to make sure you are seen; by continuously assessing and maximizing the impact of your social media channels.


However, as the rules of the game are constantly changing, the discipline of social media marketing should not be underestimated. We are on top of the game and know exactly what is happening. We always keep track of what works and what doesn’t and help companies with their social media efforts every single day.

Social Media Strategy

When active on social media, it is crucial to first determine a social media strategy that fits your business strategy. There are many social media platforms out there, all with different features, different types of users and their own written and unwritten rules to boost engagement and performance. Trying to have a presence on all of them disperses your time and budget and in general doesn’t maximize your ROI (return on investment). We guide you through selecting the channels that are most effective for your brand, advise on what type of content it needs, and how you can grow your fan base.


Channel Set Up

Is your company not yet present on social media, or are your social media accounts not set up correctly yet? Don’t worry, we can help you set up your social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. And while we are at it, we can include setting up your Google My Business Account to increase relevancy in the Google Search Rankings.


Social Media Content Packages

Merely having a social media channel is unfortunately not going to boost your business. When you aren’t able to post interesting content on a regular basis, it won’t do anything for your brand.  

For companies that do want and need to have a social media presence, but don’t have the time or internal expertise to continuously create interesting and engaging content, we offer very affordable content packages. We create tailor-made content based on your brand, product and target group. This includes texts, pictures, drawings and videos. Upon request we can also write articles or create infographics.


Community Management & Customer Service

As customers increasingly use social media for questions, complaints, or suggestions, companies need to respond on those channels. Responding in a correct and timely way is important to get and maintain a positive brand image since your responses on social media are visible for everybody. Seventury has the adequate experience to implement customer service tools on your social media channels and can even help with the handling of the customer service requests. This includes implementation of tools, monitoring & analysing conversations, responding to questions and setting up the technical tracking and reporting tools.


Social Media Advertisement

For most businesses, social media advertisement can be a very effective way to acquire new customers and increase loyalty and sales among existing customers. People spend more and more time on social media, and in comparison with more traditional forms of media, on social media channels you can target your ideal customer perfectly. Most channels provide you with demographics like age, gender, location, interests etc, and give you the opportunity to approach them with advertising.   

We know the many different options can be overwhelming, but we help you selecting the best option for your business! Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest. We help you in deciding on the objectives, setting the optimal budgets, defining the target audience, creating the best possible ad and set up the campaign.


Social Media Analytics and Dashboards

For our bigger clients we also provide a Management Dashboard. The Social Media Dashboard gives a clear performance overview with the facts and figures of your social media channels. This includes the most relevant social media analytics and comparisons with the last year or month. Depending on with channels used and the social media goals of the brand, a selection of things we measure are: engagements rates, conversion rates, post reach, negative sentiment and number of incoming questions 

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