The goal of Garnier in the Netherlands was to make Pure Active – their anti-spot line for young adults – top of mind again. Next to creating more awareness and reach, education was key in explaining how spots originate, what Pure Active products do and how to use them.

What did we do?

In order to explain the product and educate possible customers, creating a longer format video was the best option. To reach the target audience of young adults, YouTube was used as the advertising platform. Together with creative agency Noise, the Pure Active Academy was developed. A concept where a “teacher” explains the ins and outs of spots in a few lessons. The campaign was launched in the exam period.


  • Pure Active Academy: educational how-to-videos of a young male teacher talking about spots and what to do about it
  • 3 different lessons about spots were recorded
  • 4 different intro’s were used for each lesson, used for different moments during the day: morning / afternoon / evening / night
  • Keeping the attention of the audience by giving them the possibility of winning a holiday (mini-site)
“By setting up the YouTube campaign around Pure Active Academy, we were successful in getting Pure Active, a Garnier product, top of mind again with young adults.”


  • More attention to the content of the video 
  • High conversion to the website   
  • High “fun” factor – good appreciation and recall of the message 
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