The make-up brand Maybelline wanted to create a clear link between Maybelline and fashion. This connection should then influence the attitude people have towards the brand and the brand values people link to the brand, such as Maybelline being an innovative, inspiring, trendy & fashionable brand. They already had a sponsorship with the Amsterdam Fashion Week, but this wasn’t well-known to people in the Netherlands.

What did we do?

During the Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) and the weeks before and after, an online fashion week special was created. Together with Microsoft and their content partners the special was published online.


  • On a daily basis videos (backstage and catwalk) were launched
  • As well as 5 different articles
  • From celebrity interviews to what’s hot or not
“By creating an online fashion week special during the Fashion Week, brand perception was changed: the company saw a 43% increase in innovation and a 20% increase in trendy and fashionable as the brand characteristics of Maybelline.”


  • > 3 million page views for the special
  • 43% increase in people that found Maybelline innovative
  • 20% increase in people that found Maybelline trendy and fashionable
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